Experience days

Create a new cocktail
Gin Cocktail Tasting
Go to BlizzCon
Ride Bumper Boats on water
Go to a pistol shooting range
Play golf on a PGA course
Powered paragliding
Get my legs waxed
Have a pedicure
Go snorkeling
Sing karaoke in public
Go on a Segway
Have a mud facial
Sail on a Catamaran
Drive round a race circuit
Pilot a triplane
Beat an Escape Game
Private hot air balloon ride
Fly in a P51 Mustang
Helicopter Skiing
Dive with a Great White Shark
Fly in a F-35
Master an assault course
Fly in a triplane
Helicopter flight over Manhattan
Do a skydive
Watch a Medieval Joust
Sidecar motocross
Go on a carnival swing ride
Drive over a sand dune