Experience days

Have a boudoir shoot
Make a Cocktail
Take a pottery course
Watch a Chinese New year celebration
Ride an e-scooter
Ride a wakeboard
Get a Mehendi tattoo
Take a Clay Modelling class
Learn to ride on a horse
Learn how to drive a truck
Bull riding
Get a hot stones massage
Ride on a fairground carousel
Learn Snowboarding
Score a birdie at golf
Fly in the cockpit of a jet
Fly an airplane solo
Take part in a mud run
London to Paris Bike Ride
Run a 10K
Score a birdie on a golf course
Ride a penny-farthing
Back a winning horse
Archery tag
Create a new cocktail
Gin Cocktail Tasting
Go to BlizzCon
Ride Bumper Boats on water
Go to a pistol shooting range
Play golf on a PGA course