Learn or try stuff

Make fresh jam
Become a scientist
Light a sky lantern into the night sky
Paint a box of eggs
Ride a Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle
Watch Every Season of Once Upon A Time
Learn how to fold origami
Get hypnotised
Make chocolate brownies
Go 24 hours without being seen on a security camera
Master A NO-FOOTER trick jump on a scooter
Write a best selling novel
Learn how to play the violin
Make a Syllabub
Make an Easter egg
Throw a double top
Eat a s'more
Take a jumping picture
Be a blood donor
Make Popcorn Chicken
Draw a mandala
Graduate from university
Be kind to everyone I meet including strangers
Peel an apple without breaking the peel
Give someone an elbow bump
Fly a quad copter drone
Use a tablet stylus
Learn to park a car in a really tight space
Get in touch with an old friend with whom I have lost contact