Learn or try stuff

Attend a Jazz Class
Eat a pancake on pancake day
Eat Teppanyaki
Eat at Vapiano (Italian)
Learn to make Jewellery
Learn Textile Printing
Learn to Ceroc Dance
Wear a pocket watch
Learn to play cricket
Learn dog training
Plant a garden
Learn Mandarin
Learn to Scuba Dive
Volunteer in an animal shelter
Toastmasters International
Drink Camomile tea
Make a wire sculpture
Make a mixtape
Make Banana Bread
Learn to play chess
Make an app
Make a burrito
Chop an onion with tears
Host a Game Night with friends
Learn to engrave
Make a waffles breakfast
Assemble a miniature model aircraft
Bake chocolate brownies
Decorate an egg
Cook a pizza in a pizza oven