Learn or try stuff

Learn to make a poached egg
Learn to keep your berries fresh p
Ride a ferris wheel
Thread your Eyebrows
Try Filipino Food
Groom a dog
Try a Bad Brownie
Learn Finger Painting
Learn Curling
Try Sushi at Tobiko in Covent Garden
Try a Humble Crumble Dessert
Making Shoes
Making Ice Cream
Learn to carve a pumpkin
Learn to grow vegetables in a greenhouse
Drive in Cinema
Learn Carpentry
Learn to clean a carpet
Learn the Bachata Dance
Learn to Sing
Make apple cake
Make pumpkin soup
Ride on the handlebars of a bicycle (like in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
Take a photo with an Instant camera
Learn to bake bread
Learn Pottery
Learn to play the flute
Learn to change a fuse
Try Sushi
Learn to upholster a chair