Learn or try stuff

Score more than 500 pts in a game of Scrabble
Make a 147 in a snooker game
First aid training
Have vocal coaching
Do an overhead kick
Earn a Master's degree
Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
Make cinnamon rolls
Keep a daily journal
Hit a cricket ball for SIX
Be a teacher
Hold a conversation with a stranger
Make Mango Jam
Fundraising for charity
Illustrate a book
Learn to pickpocket
Become a polyglot
Master trigonometry
Decorate a Christmas tree
Obtain a Ph.D
Learn How To Play Violin
Learn martial arts
Make chocolate doughnuts
Learn to make tacos
Learn to do CPR
Watch a stonemason at work
Learn to gift wrap presents
Own my own business
Score a slam dunk
Play Ultimate Frisbee