Learn or try stuff

Wave at 100 strangers
Walk on my hands for 100 metres
Plant 100 seeds
Do 100 bounces on a trampoline
Count to 100 in another language
Balance a football on my head for 100 seconds
Try 100 new recipes
Quit social media for 100 hours
Take 100 photos
Bake 100 cookies
Dont' speak for 100 hours
Score a century at cricket
Learn 100 new words
Score 100 penalty kicks
Dance non-stop for 100 minutes
Read 100 pages of a book in 24 hours
Say "I love you" in 100 languages
Make 100 meals
Read 100 books in a year
Bake 100 cupcakes
Swim with flippers under water
Photograph the Milky Way
Be the first to collect my bag from an airport luggage carousel
Play dominos
Start a Small Business
Create a photo wall
Make pasta by hand
Make fresh jam
Become a scientist
Light a sky lantern into the night sky