Improve my posture
Help a homeless family
Box jumping
Cycle 150 miles
Swim a half mile
Try on a wedding dress
Battle ropes workout
Get kissed under a mistletoe
Start a retirement fund
Don't leave anything unsaid
Go to the gym at least 4 times a week
Complete a 5k run within 30 minutes
Donate Bone Marrow
Say a Prayer
Drink soya milk
Do 30 consecutive dumbbell presses
Renew our wedding vows
Get lean and fit
Half Lord of the Fishes yoga pose
Plank for a minute
Master the Mermaid Yoga Position
Stop drinking coffee for 90 days
Enjoy Valentine´s Day alone
Come out of the closet
Become debt free
Establish a Self Care Routine
Get a boyfriend
Drink a litre of water every day for a month
Go on a 20+ mile walk
Wear a corset for a day