Get a better sleep routine
Lose 50lbs
Go on a date for Valentine's Day
Join a virtual cycling class
Give up fast food for a month
Do 250 consecutive squats
Tell those I love what they mean to me
Take a pole fitness class
Interval training
Take a spinning class
Be on the front cover of Forbes magazine
Do 100 sit ups
Lose 10kg
Join a dating app
Improve my posture
Help a homeless family
Box jumping
Cycle 150 miles
Swim a half mile
Try on a wedding dress
Battle ropes workout
Get kissed under a mistletoe
Start a retirement fund
Don't leave anything unsaid
Go to the gym at least 4 times a week
Complete a 5k run within 30 minutes
Donate Bone Marrow
Say a Prayer
Drink soya milk
Do 30 consecutive dumbbell presses