Become Vegan for a week
Go an entire week without spending any money
Try a Mediterranean diet
Go on a news fast
Skateboard to work daily
Complete a charity walk
Buy dinner for a stranger at a restaurant
Swing a kettleball
Receive a rose on Valentines Day
Go on a gelato date
Have a candle-lit dinner
Become a father
Love Unconditionally
Become independently wealthy
Attend a prom
Get abs
Experience love at first sight
Achieve a flat Stomach
Meditate for at least 20 minutes everyday for an entire month
Exercise more
Partake in a"Tough Mudder"
Do 100 pushups
Eat Vegan
Start each day with a run along a beach
Undertake a random act of kindness
Take part in a clinical trial
Trust someone with my heart
Drink fruit infused water
Save the planet
Start a conversation with a stranger in an elevator