Complete a 30 day fitness programme
Do a one-arm press up
Find love
Kiss another girl
Reach my target weight
Trace my family DNA
Do a full split
Half twist yoga pose
Be able to touch my toes
Have an ice cream date
Lose 40 kilograms
Become 100% vegan
Do a bleep test
Drink nothing but water for a week
Plank for one minute
Run a mile in under 10 minutes
Have a positive impact on the world
Give up Fast food for 12 months
Become Vegan for a week
Go an entire week without spending any money
Try a Mediterranean diet
Go on a news fast
Skateboard to work daily
Complete a charity walk
Buy dinner for a stranger at a restaurant
Swing a kettleball
Receive a rose on Valentines Day
Go on a gelato date
Have a candle-lit dinner
Become a father