Location-specific stuff to do

Eat Rambutan
See a cloud shaped like an alien spacecraft
Ride the Snowdon mountain railway
Be completely alone on a beach
Feed a baby elephant
Do a moonlit hike
See the Perseid meteor shower
Roast marshmallows over a fire
Experience the Aurora Borealis
Lay in an infinity pool
Ride a quad bike over sand dunes
Volunteer on an Archeological Excavation
Go on a cross country road trip
Eat black pudding
Stay on a private island
Meet a bedouin tribesman
Celebrate NYE in NYC
Climb to the top of the Liberty Statue
Play outdoor chess
See a chick hatch
Look inside a volcano crater
View a blue moon
Climb to the top of the Duomo in Florence
Swim with a turtle
Eat Marlenka
Camping on the beach
Explore Europe by train
Watch the trooping of the Color
Jump off Mostar bridge
Walk along the Great Wall