Location-specific stuff to do

Hug an Elephant
Spend New Year's Eve abroad
Have a BBQ on a beach
Cruise the fjords of Norway
Visit every Disney park in the world
See a puffin in the wild
Spend Christmas in Milan
Ski paragliding
Sit on a cliff overhang
Swim with a sting ray
Paris on 14th July (Bastille Day)
Swing on a tree swing
Sit on the roof of a car to watch a sunset
Eat papaya
Get up close to an iceberg
Drive thru the Valley of Fire, Nevada
Sight-seeing by segway
Throw a Coin over my Shoulder and Make a Wish in the Trevi Fountain
Drive through Monument Valley
Camp out under the stars
Go to a beach bonfire
Collect stones from different countries
Visit a haunted castle
Make a wish at the Fontana di Trevi
Road Trip Coast-to-Coast
Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival
Kayaking in Banff
See a humpback whale in the wild
Find a hidden beach
See an underwater waterfall