Location-specific stuff to do

Witness the Kambala buffalo race
Witness the Robot Restaurant Show in Tokyo
Witness the Palio di Siena
Take part in the Rickshaw Run
See a performance at Sydney Opera House
Drive along the Strip in Las Wegas
See a drive-in movie
Eat carrot cake
Drive through a giant redwood
Have a picnic at sunset
Walk along the super tree skywalk in Gardens by the bay, Singapore
Read a book from cover to cover on holiday
Run across a rope bridge
Walk inside an extinct volcano
Swing over a waterfall
Ride in a dune buggy in the desert
Ride a train over Glenfinnan Viaduct
Have a picnic in the park
Enjoy a rainy day with a book
Stargaze in silence
Ride a tuktuk
Go on a Family Camping Trip
Watch magma erupt
Ride the Voralpen-Express
Eat jackfruit
Relax in a hot tub in the wild
Write 100 messages in the sand at the beach
Collect 100 shells from a beach
Light 100 sky lanterns
Visit 100 countries