How do I add stuff to my lists?

There are a few ways.
  • You can click the “Add to my stuff” icon when viewing a friend’s profile or when viewing things that are “trending” (in What’s Hot or in Recently Added - this will automatically transfer to your own stuff
  • OR You can upload individual by clicking “Add my own stuff” in your own stuff page or by clicking “Add new Stuff” from the left hand red toolbar on each page
  • AND You can also add stuff you see on another webpage or blog, simply by dragging the "Zig Stuff" button to your bookmarks bar.
    Drag to bookmark bar
    • So when you see something you want to add to your stuff in ZigAZigApp, just click the "Zig Stuff" icon in your bookmark toolbar and select the image you want to use.
      Select image
    • We'll open a new ZigAZigApp window for you and ask you to click to tell us if you want to add this into your "Stuff to have"/"Stuff to do or try"/"Places to go".
      Add stuff
    • You can edit the description, add a category and brand and save.
    • You've just Zigged Stuff successfully!