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Stroll through a field of wheat
Watch the sun set over the sea
Use a micrometer
Play Korfball
Go on an Kenyan safari
Wear a Halloween costume
Find my soulmate
Dance the Tango in Argentina
Visit a movie location (Indiana Jones)
Drink Wine at Napa Valley
Celebrate Carnival in Brazil
Eat takoyaki
Memorise Pi to ten decimal points
Ride a bicycle in Amsterdam
Celebrate Bastille in Paris
See Tootsie the musical
See 2NE1 live
Elephant sanctuary
Eat a Philly Cheesesteak in Philly
Ride a boogie board
Put gum on the Seattle Gum Wall
RV road trip
Horse drawn sleigh ride in the snow
Attend a Luau in Hawaii
DNA test
Make a parachute jump
Champagne afternoon tea
Go to a Chicago Bears game

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