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Be a blood donor
Eat calamari
VR Indoor Skydiving
Ride Velocity 2 zip wire- The Fastest Zip Line in the World
Drive an Aston Martin round a track
Manchester United Football Club Stadium Tour
Join a virtual cycling class
Give up fast food for a month
Make Popcorn Chicken
Inca Trail trek
Spend a night in a museum
See Chicago musical live
Draw a mandala
Relax in a hot spring
Ice skate on a frozen lake
Do 250 consecutive squats
Graduate from university
Tell those I love what they mean to me
Be kind to everyone I meet including strangers
Peel an apple without breaking the peel
Go inside an ice cave
Give someone an elbow bump
Fly a quad copter drone
Use a tablet stylus
Take a pole fitness class
Learn to park a car in a really tight space
Walk to work in the snow
Get in touch with an old friend with whom I have lost contact
Smile at a complete stranger to brighten their day
Call a friend to catch up and really listen

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