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Graffiti a wall
Crowd surfing at a concert
Eat a cheeseburger
Battle ropes workout
Study in a foreign university
Watch a spider build its web
See penguins in the wild
Scuba-dive a shipwreck
Learn to tap dance
Take a flower bath
Make ratatouille
Make Minestrone Soup
Go on a water slide
Watch Barca v Madrid live
Get kissed under a mistletoe
Visit a pumpkin patch
Walk across Budapest Chain Bridge
Start a retirement fund
Jump at a Trampoline Park
Don't leave anything unsaid
Take a RV road trip
Sit on a haystack
Play foosball
Earn a PhD
Go on the 'Sound of Music' tour
Ride in a gondola
Go to the gym at least 4 times a week
Sleep in a beach hammock
Do a Full Moon Hike
See clouds from above

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