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Make A Friend In Another Country
Go to Electric Forest
Have a successful side hustle
Eat starfruit
Play underwater hockey
Wander Through A Field of Sunflowers
Go An Entire Day Without Using Any Technology
Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Eat a Black Sapote
Panic! At The Disco - Live Tour
Find a rare gem
Run a 5Km Park Run
See MIKA live
Adopt an Unwanted Animal
Make a birthday cake
Creative writing
Pilot a helicopter
Get in a shape
Experience a Bamboo Massage
Have dinner by candlelight
Walk along the Seine at night
Grow an avocado
Go inside a bell tower
Grind coffee
Ride a double-decker bus in London
See a Lynx in the wild
Hold a butterfly on the tip of my fingers
Eat Baklava
Panning for Gold
Feed a hedgehog

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