"Just stuff!"

Send 100 Thankyou notes to people for whom you are grateful
Write and give a note of kindness to 100 people
Say hello to 100 complete strangers
Sing 100 songs
Send 100 postcards to someone
Sit in a bath fully clothed
Make a New Year Resolution
Win an award
Send a handwritten letter to someone
Shake hands with a celebrity
Swimming lessons for baby (vouchers)
Join a protest movement
Let a cat out of a bag
Put money into a stranger’s expired meter
Jump in puddles
Break rules
Watch every episode of Stranger Things
Leave a note in a library book for a stranger to read
Strike a pose on the bonnet of a car
Buy a lottery ticket
Read '1984' by George Orwell
Put down my phone and actually talk to people
Eat a rainbow cake
Drive a car with furry dice
Attempt a "No Plastic Lifestyle" for a month
Pay for a stranger's groceries
Do The Monkey Run
Read all Agatha Christie's books
Say "yes" to everything for a whole day
Read 1000 books